In order to achieve market best practices, the Company adheres to B3's Corporate Governance program tier 1, observing corporate governance practices and disclosure requirements in addition to those already set forth by Brazilian Corporate law. In general, such rules extend the rights of shareholders and increase the quality of information provided to shareholders and stakeholders, as outlined below:

Aligned with Market Best Practices

  • Annual Financial Statements in International Standard IFRS / IASB
  • 100% tag along for all Banrisul shares
  • 50.61% Free float
  • Resolution of disputes or controversies by the Market Arbitration Chamber

Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Establishes mechanisms, procedures and rules that guide the conduct of employees in business, in order to prevent the occurrence of operations related to these illegal acts in the institution.
These principles cover all Banrisul Group companies

Other Policies

  • Interest on Equity and Dividend
  • Disclosure of a Material Act or Fact
  • Security Trading
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Nomination and Succession
  • Capital and Corporate Risk Management
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct