Fitch Ratings Rating
Foreign Currency – Long-Term IDR BB-
Foreign Currency – Short-Term IDR B
Local Currency – Long-Term IDR BB-
Local Currency – Short-Term IDR B
Long-Term National Scale Rating A+(bra)
Short-Term National Scale Rating F1(bra)
Support 4
Viability bb-
Subordinated Notes B
National Scale Rating Outlook Stable
Long-Term IDR Outlook Negative


Moody’s Rating
Outlook Negative
Deposits Ba3/NP
Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) ba3
Counterparty Risk Assessment Ba2(cr)/NP(cr)
Subordinated Debt B1
Issuer Rating – Local A+.br
Deposits – Short Term – Local ML A-1.br
Deposits – Long Term – Local A+.br
Outlook – Local Stable


Standard & Poor‘s Rating
Issuer Credit Rating – Global Scale BB-
Outlook – Global Scale Stable
Issuer Credit Rating – National Scale brAA+
Outlook – National Scale Positive
Stand-Alone Credit Profile (SACP) bb-

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