Banrisul Bookkeeping

How to obtain shareholding statement of Banrisul shares?

Shares in custody at brokerage companies, directly with the Custodian.

Shares in custody at Banrisul, in any Banrisul branch.

Alternatively, if service at Banrisul’s branches is unavailable, send a request of shareholding position or shareholding statement to the e-mail Response will be sent through Mail Service to the shareholder’s current registered address at Banrisul. Due to the Banking Secrecy Act, personal information such as balance and financial movement cannot be provided through phone or e-mail address.

Shareholder’s address may be updated at any Banrisul branch, and the following documents must be presented: identification document, CPF (taxpayer ID number) and current residence document (preferable: utility, phone, water or gas bills, valid within 60 days from emission date).

What is the procedure for the selling Banrisul shares in custody at Banrisul?

The shares can only be traded through brokerage companies, selected by the shareholder. Hence, the shareholder must request to the Company that their shares in custody at Banrisul be transferred to brokerage companies of their choice, by producing their shareholding statement, or notice of payment of Interest on Capital or Dividends or their last year’s income tax information form.

Should Banrisul Corretora ( be chosen, the shareholder must go to any Banrisul branch carrying an identification document, CPF (taxpayer ID number) and current residence document. If the shareholder is also an account holder at Banrisul, it is suggested that these procedures take place at the branch they operate with.

Noteworthy: should the shareholder be interest at becoming Banrisul Corretora’s customer, additional documents may be requested.