Business Model

Banrisul is a retail bank, aimed to companies and individuals, with solid presence in Rio Grande do Sul, holding around 20% market share in credit and almost 50% in time deposits within the state. Mixed-economy Company, operates as financial agent of the State of Rio Grande do Sul promoting economic and social development, both sustainable and profitable.

The Bank has a stable business model and offers a wide portfolio of credit lines and financial services. One of Banrisul strong points is its stable and low cost funding base, composed mostly by time deposits and savings accounts and made possible through a net of branches with high capillarity and by the brand solid reference.

Regarding its commercial strategy toward individual segment, Banrisul remains focused on portfolio growth on lower risk operations, especially payroll loans to civil servants and retirees from the national pension scheme. Seeking to renew customer base and improve customer relationship, as well as the improve relationship with high net worth individuals, the Bank has been expanding and opening new Afinidade spaces, created specifically to serve this public.

On companies segment, Banrisul is focused on small and medium-size companies. For that, its highlighted the Banrisul Mais Empresas, a program that contemplates new models for credit and risk analysis, and is seeking to improve the definition of credit limits to companies, for which the focus is being directed to operations with better collaterals, the use of corporate card, the discount of receivables and the offering of new Vero acquiring network solutions.

For the agribusiness public, the Bank’s positioning is focused on improving service, supporting the growth of the entire production chain, for both small and medium producers, as well as for agricultural companies and cooperatives, following the strategy of increasing agribusiness share within the State, with the offering of credit lines for new projects that will help improve and increase productivity.

In the technology path, Banrisul is focused on digital transformation, adopting end-to-end and customer-centered digital models and processes, by making use of the Agile Model and Methodologies. With impacts throughout the Company, the gradual transformation, the use of agile methods in processes and new business models aims to better position the Bank into the competitive environment, enabling the implementation of strategies grounded on retail banking aspects.